Dr Jack Greenhalgh

         Acoustic Ecologist

My name is Jack Greenhalgh and I am an ecologist and science communicator - formerly at University College London and the University of Bristol, now based in northern Spain as a postdoc at the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology. My research is focused on monitoring temporal and spatial trends in biodiversity using novel non-invasive methods. However, my passion is describing the mysterious and bizarre underwater acoustic world of ponds. Please do get in touch if you think our research overlaps and you would like to collaborate - I am always up for learning new things and making new friends!

I have established an extensive library of high-quality underwater recordings from ponds and rivers for use in sound art installations, film, TV, and radio. My recordings have been featured in a wide range of programmes broadcast by notable media outlets, such as the BBC and National Geographic. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in using some of my recordings in your work, I'd love to hear from you. 

Email: jackhalgh95@gmail.com Twitter: @WildAudioJack Phone: +34 614 116 788